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Bill Moody was a mystery author and professional jazz drummer. He was the author of The Man In Red Square, Czechmate: The Spy Who Played Jazz, Fade to Blue, Shades of Blue, Looking for Chet Baker, Bird Lives! and other novels, as well as a short story collection, Mood Swings.

A note from Piro Patton: RIP Bill Moody. We lost Bill Yesterday (Jan. 14, 2018). He was late for a gig and the musicians went looking for him. Great way to go. I hope musicians are looking for me when my time comes. WE love you Bill and that wonderful lilting swing that propelled the music so well.

"When Bill Moody writes about dead jazz musicians, you can hear the blue notes bouncing off the walls."
—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

"Moody is a fluent writer with a good ear for dialogue... a talent for characterization and a genuine feel for the jazz world."
—Gene Santoro, New York Times Book Review

"Hits all the right notes."
—Dick Lochte, Los Angeles Times

"What draws me into your stories and makes them so distinctive are the authenticity that can only come from a jazz musician's perspective and experience... The characters ring so true because you are not writing what you imagine what a jazz musician is, you are one, which makes all the difference."
—David Quillen, saxophonist

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