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Monday, September 26
Tuesday, September 27
Wednesday, September 28
Thursday, September 29
Friday, September 30
Sunday, October 2
Monday, October 3
Tuesday, October 4
Wednesday, October 5
Thursday, October 6
Friday, October 7

Monday, September 26

Jimmy Kimmel: Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, the Lumineers
Jimmy Fallon: Samuel L. Jackson, Gina Rodriguez, the Lemon Twigs
Stephen Colbert: Rob Lowe, Kal Penn
Seth Meyers: Will Forte, Mandy Moore, David Ortiz, Danny Carey
James Corden: Lea Michele, Norm Macdonald, Nothing But Thieves
Carson Daly: Sterling K. Brown, Radical Face, Johnny Pemberton
Tavis Smiley: Kurtis Lee, Janet Napolitano
Daily Show: Alicia Menendez
At Midnight: Margaret Cho, Jaleel White, Emo Philips
Conan O'Brien: Patton Oswalt, Joe Walsh, Tall Heights
Watch What Happens Live: Amy Schumer
The View: Adam Glassman
The Talk: Michael Sheen, Kit Hoover
Live with Kelly: Rob Lowe, Will Forte, Elle King, guest co-host Josh Groban
Ellen DeGeneres: Bill O'Reilly, Lea Michele, X Ambassadors
Wendy Williams: Ellie Lee, Mally Roncal
Harry: Whoopi Goldberg
The Real: Kofi Siriboe

Tuesday, September 27

Jimmy Kimmel: J.K. Simmons, Action Bronson, Air
Jimmy Fallon: Kate Hudson, David Oyelowo, De La Soul featuring Estelle
Stephen Colbert: Sean Penn, Sutton Foster, Regina Spektor
Seth Meyers: Samuel L. Jackson, Cecily Strong, Spike Feresten, Danny Carey
James Corden: Usain Bolt, Allison Janney, Owen Wilson, Eliza Skinner
Carson Daly: Lisa Ling, the Thermals, Vlad Yudin
Tavis Smiley: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ann Coulter
Daily Show: Sara Goldrick-Rab
At Midnight: Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart
Conan O'Brien: Sharon Osbourne, Bruce Campbell, Mike Recine
Watch What Happens Live: Mandy Moore, Nile Rodgers
The View: Robby Mook, Common
The Talk: Jennifer Esposito, Duane Henry, Wilmer Valderrama, Nancy O'Dell
Live with Kelly: Samuel L. Jackson, Mandy Moore, Kristin Chenoweth, guest co-host Josh Groban
Ellen DeGeneres: Allison Janney, Usain Bolt, Shawn Mendes
Wendy Williams: Mike Colter, Melissa Garcia
Harry: Gabourey Sidibe, Kristen Bell
The Real: Cheryl Hines

Wednesday, September 28

Jimmy Kimmel: Sarah Jessica Parker, Daveed Diggs, Dan + Shay
Jimmy Fallon: Sting, Kate McKinnon
Stephen Colbert: Lupita Nyong'o, Donnie Wahlberg, John Prine
Seth Meyers: January Jones, Mike Colter, Chris Lane, Danny Carey
James Corden: Anjelica Houston, Wilmer Valderrama, Shawn Mendes
Carson Daly: Mike Colter, Elliphant, Sasha Lane
Tavis Smiley: Courting Justice: Tavis talks with judges from across the country
Daily Show: Reid Hoffman
At Midnight: Bruce Campbell, Nick Swardson, Justin Willman
Conan O'Brien: Kunal Nayyar, Phoebe Robinson, Jamestown Revival
Watch What Happens Live: Lupita Nyong'o, David Oyelowo
Chelsea: Lea Michele, Reggie Miller, Bill Plaschke, T.J. Miller
The View: Kiefer Sutherland
The Talk: Adam Rodriguez, Lisa Sugar
Live with Kelly: Tom Selleck, January Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, guest co-host Jerry O'Connell
Ellen DeGeneres: Kylie Bunbury, Luke Bryan
Wendy Williams: LuAnn de Lesseps, a performance from Cirque du Soleil's "Kurios"
Harry: Mariska Hargitay, Mike Colter
The Real: Donnie McClurkin

Thursday, September 29

Jimmy Kimmel: Armie Hammer, Piper Perabo, Damian Marley
Jimmy Fallon: Vice President Joe Biden, Margot Robbie, Metallica
Stephen Colbert: Morgan Freeman, Judith Light, Jimmy Eat World
Seth Meyers: Justin Theroux, Tim Meadows, Naomi Ekperigin, Danny Carey
James Corden: Max Greenfield, Tig Notaro, Regina Spektor
Carson Daly: Jack Osbourne, Summer Cannibals, Jared Hess
Tavis Smiley: Courting Justice Part 2
Daily Show: Blood Orange
At Midnight: Ken Jeong, Dave Foley, Suzy Nakamura
Conan O'Brien: Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Dylan Moran, FIDLAR
Watch What Happens Live: January Jones, Alfre Woodard
Chelsea: Jessica Alba, Edgar Ramirez, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom
The View: Kellyanne Conway, Lupita Nyong'o, David Oyelowo
The Talk: Kristen Bell
Live with Kelly: Morgan Freeman, Katie Brown, guest co-host Jerry O'Connell
Ellen DeGeneres: Sarah Jessica Parker, Idina Menzel
Wendy Williams: David Burtka
Harry: Ken Jeong, Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart
The Real: Ayesha Curry

Friday, September 30

Jimmy Kimmel: Denzel Washington, Minnie Driver, Usher (R 9/20/16)
Jimmy Fallon: Nathan Lane, James Marsden, Nikki Glaser
Stephen Colbert: Liev Schreiber, Abby Elliott, Asa Butterfield
Seth Meyers: Ice-T, Clark Gregg, Glass Animals, Elaine Bradley (R 9/19/16)
James Corden: Hugh Grant, Bryce Dallas Howard, Local Natives (R 8/4/16)
Carson Daly: Wagner Moura, DIIV, Cameron Esposito (R 9/8/16)
Tavis Smiley: Thandie Newton
Chelsea: Kristen Bell, Jacob Soboroff, Ann Coulter
The View: Colin Jost, Michael Che, Hayley Atwell
The Talk: Michelle Rodriguez, Shawn Mendes
Live with Kelly: Mark Wahlberg, Priyanka Chopra, guest co-host Jerry O'Connell
Ellen DeGeneres: LL Cool J, John Turturro, Sofie Dossi
Wendy Williams: Hot Topics
Harry: Morgan Freeman, Griffin Gluck, Alexa Nisenson
The Real: Judge Greg Mathis

Sunday, October 2

Watch What Happens Live: Teresa Giudice, Mindy Kaling

Monday, October 3

Jimmy Fallon: Emily Blunt, Mario Batali, Chance the Rapper
Seth Meyers: Martha Stewart, Haley Bennett, Stanton Moore
James Corden: Jamie Lee Curtis, Kumail Nanjiani, Skylar Grey
Daily Show: James Marsden
At Midnight: Doug Benson, Ron Funches
Conan O'Brien: Kevin Nealon, Mike Colter
Watch What Happens Live: Reza Farahan, Meghan King
Live with Kelly: Kenan Thompson, Chris Gethard, guest co-host Jerry O'Connell
Ellen DeGeneres: Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, Milo Vetimiglia, Stevie Nicks
Harry: Jason Derulo, Carol Burnett

Tuesday, October 4

Jimmy Fallon: John Goodman, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Empire of the Sun, Olivia Newton-John
Seth Meyers: Judge Judy Sheindlin, Kelly Clarkson, Tom Odell, Stanton Moore
James Corden: Rob Lowe, J.K. Simmons, Eliza Skinner
Daily Show: Ezra Klein
At Midnight: Martha Kelly, Louie Anderson, Brendon Walsh
Conan O'Brien: Kristen Bell, Evan Peters, Miike Snow
Watch What Happens Live: Olivia Newton-John
Live with Kelly: Justin Theroux, Lindsey Vonn, Melissa Etheridge, guest co-host Fred Savage
Ellen DeGeneres: Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy Teigen
Harry: Savannah Guthrie, Regis Philbin

Wednesday, October 5

Seth Meyers: Chelsea Clinton, Ted Danson, Bishop Briggs, Stanton Moore
James Corden: Julie Chen, Beth Behrs, Kristin Chenoweth
Daily Show: Mark Duplass
At Midnight: Bob Saget
Conan O'Brien: Norm Macdonald, ZZ Top
Watch What Happens Live: Kelly Clarkson, Melissa Etheridge
Live with Kelly: Ted Danson, Tom Odell, guest co-host Fred Savage
Ellen DeGeneres: Taylor Lautner, Tatyana McFadden, Bon Jovi
Harry: John Cena, Nikki & Brie Bella

Thursday, October 6

James Corden: Zach Galifianakis, Taylor Lautner, Stevie Nicks
Daily Show: Carmelo Anthony
At Midnight: Tom Lennon, Alex Edelman
Conan O'Brien: Kyle Kinane
Watch What Happens Live: Sarah Jessica Parker
Live with Kelly: Ben Affleck, Danai Gurira, guest co-host Fred Savage
Ellen DeGeneres: The Clairvoyants
Harry: Jessie Mueller, Chase Wiley

Friday, October 7

James Corden: David Duchovny, Danny McBride, Gabby Douglas, Nathan Adrian, Conor Dwyer, the Kills (R 9/1/16)
Live with Kelly: Sarah Paulson, Laura Prepon, Colbie Caillat, guest co-host Ashton Kutcher
Ellen DeGeneres: OneRepublic
Harry: Jessie Graff, Luke Evans, Lyle Lovett


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